Old Fly's Masters Edition The Glenturret 16 Year Old

Old Fly's Masters Edition The Glenturret 16 Year Old
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The Glenturret 16 Year Old Fly's 16 Masters Edition

1905 was a momentous year. Albert Einstein first set out his theory of relativity, and Arthur Conan Doyle first published The Return of Sherlock Holmes.That same year a magistrate’s court in the London borough of Islington declared the first known legal definition of our national drink – ‘Whisky should consist of spirit distilled in a pot still derived from malted barley.’Closer to home, the 16 men (and one dog) of Glenturret posed for the image you see on this label. Presented in a tweed bag.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Warm in your belly sun kissed amber hue

Nose: Lightly perfumed, citric, newly cut flowers, hints of marzipan, old leather, popcorn

Palate: Long and lingering, mature fruit notes, black cherries, mocha coffee maybe even espresso

Finish: Vibrant, well-aged, good balance, easy to drink

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